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    Hi there, I'm Kiori, I basically wrote all of the custom stuff, visible and not, that the forum uses, technically I'm no longer involved with the forum(not an admin anymore), but I thought I should give everyone a little bit of history and clear some doubts in the air.

    First, I'm one of the original founders. I, like everyone here, and unlike the main godot devs, knew that a forum was essential to the creation, management and survival of the community. So back in 2016 me and another community contributor(Toger5), started the first version of the community forums. It had it's issues and it was very hard adding features to it, so something better was need, but we didnt have any money to devote to it(great forum engines are not cheap).
    I actually paid for hosting and everything for quite some time, after a while I decided to use vanilla forums, it was just me at the time and I needed a better solution. Vanilla was free and usable, with ok customization options, It allowed me to build what you see, from the Dark theme, to the cool thumbnails at the project pages, etc. The dark theme, is actually a spin off of another theme(copyright in the forum footer), with a lot of carefully crafted changes to make it work for us( I had an artist friend help me at the time), specially on mobile at the time.
    Vanilla has it's quirks, it's not he easiest thing to learn on the planet but at the time, I had the time, and not that much money, so I sat down and added all of these things.

    Flash to the future, and currently I'm in a situation where I have a few management positions to manage, so I really can't devote any time anything else anymore. There are ppl in the Godot core devs that have the expertise to do it but no one has ever volunteered.

    In order to maintain the current setup you guys will need someone with basic php knowledge, there is no need to diff anything per se. I actually took the time to write a list with all of the specific changes that need to be made with every update, anyone can apply them to a new version of vanilla, after the update, via ftp for instance. That was intended to help whoever took over from me.

    Also, in the current setup, the host is namecheap, NC offers pretty cheap hosting(around $60 total a year i think), and with a CPanel. In the Cpanel, to update vanilla, all one has to do is access softaculous(it's a auto installer), and tell it to update. Then apply the changes i mentioned above, and it should just work.
    Now adding features is another thing, one has to understand vanilla a little, but that's another topic.

    Also, the Cpanel does have a very easy export that can export the forum in any form basically, the whole thing, just the database, etc. I thought @BinaryOrange had the login and pass, but just in case i re-sent him the keys and everything today.

    Whoever ends up being in the lead of the forums can get it from him. I also sent him the patch notes i mentioned earlier, through email a while back, so he has those. Thing is BO is a great guy, one of the best, but not a php programmer or a systems admin. So someone needs to fill those shoes.

    If you found the forum and all the work done here useful, I hope you wont let it die, be it by re-using the forum in some form, or by coming up with something new. This version of vanilla has a few cool things I added to it, but still has it's vanilla-related flaws, so it has it's ups and downs as with everything in life. I wish everyone the very best, and hope you guys enjoyed the forum for what it is while you were using it. For me it was nice working on it, and adding features that the community needed was always a gratifying experience.

    Thanks again for being kind and patient with the imperfect things in the forum I couldn't fix in time.
    Also, all of the extra customization, and the forum name(, the logo, etc. Basically everything that i didn't get from free open source sources(like vanilla, the base theme,a few plugins, etc), is basically © Me, and I'm giving it to the community for you guys to use in any way you see fit, I hope it helps. :smile:


  • Move a discussion

    @MagicLord said:
    Hi there,

    There is some discussions i started in the wrong "tutorial" categories.
    Is there someone that can move them to new categories ?

    Normally you can edit it and "change" the category within the "first port". Alternatively you can post the name of the thread and where you would like it to got, and someone will help you.

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    Just wanna drop in to say great work guys, this type or cooperation and result is exactly why this forum was built, keep it up! :wink: