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    Also, about something that @Megalomaniak mentioned the anti-spam in the forum has worked well so far, as you guys can see. I've had i think 2-3 anti-spam plugins configured and tweaked to the the right balance, along with changes to the registration process. Anyone with admin access can see the plugins I added and change them as needed.

    If the idea is to change to another engine discourse is a great one, I did advise that to Akien, specially because of the maintainability. But it all really depends if there will be someone to maintain it. Plus i think discourse has a one time license cost, and much higher server requirements than vanilla. So it's a choice to be made.

    If MyBB or phpBB is chosen, I'm not sure there is a DB converter, but there may be if you guys search enough.
    Beyond that you can have vanilla in the same server and MyBB in a separate folder, with it's own DB etc, so you keep the old discussions, it's not a problem. it's all php and mysql.

  • Move a discussion

    @MagicLord said:
    Hi there,

    There is some discussions i started in the wrong "tutorial" categories.
    Is there someone that can move them to new categories ?

    Normally you can edit it and "change" the category within the "first port". Alternatively you can post the name of the thread and where you would like it to got, and someone will help you.

  • 3D Artist

    This is really nice. You can try looking for jobs on the discord server(click "chat" up top), and the fb page if you haven't already. Good luck!

  • Create new material or shader

    Shader is a resource so you can't create it in the folder section. Go to the inspector tab, there you have the option to create a new resource and save it as you will. It's also where you can open to edit them.

    About the drap and drop, if you want to open a scene you have to open it via the open scene button. if you wanna add it to a scene you can drop it to a node and it will be imported as such.

    If you believe Godot needs some interface, usability improvements, please report to github. There is a announcement on the main forum page about suggestions. You can open a new issue with all the suggestions you have to improve the engine.


  • C# availability and tutorials

    C# support should be coming in the next version of Godot. There are no tutorials on the matter since it's not implemented yet.
    At the top right of the forum there is a link to the "docs", there you will find all of the current info on Godot.
    Also, the tutorials section in this forum has a dew blocks of info.