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Hi there,
I am a (quite unprofessional) 3D-modeler, who is learning by making.
I am quite good at building low poly and some pixelart like stuff (preferring cars).
For example this '88 Camaro:

This car features a normal, repaintable version and a police car.
It has a 128x128 texture and weights (as a police car with siren) 714 triangles, it's pixelart like and is game-ready.

I could more things like this for you, if you need it. I "work" for free, so feel free to contact me if you like what you see.

Greetings Racer

P.S.: sorry for my bad English.


  • Racer69Racer69 Posts: 5Member

    Another ride,

    This time it's a prisoner transport/ SWAT van. 802 triangles and a 128x128 pixel texture.
    Greetings Racer

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