If someone make a binding to luaJIT for GODOT I throw a lot of dollars to his face....

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Ok, not a lot because i´m not rich, but, I put money in every kikstarter related with add JITT - static typing, etc (please lua, please lua, please lua).... and do soprano coercion to other developers to put money.

Please... real programmers, think in the results of the kikstarter godot tutorials, every one of us put money to that (interested or not), but I want to throw money to things that really really really interest me..... godot donations are ok, but is more direct to support direct campaigns with the things that you want... more interactive, visual novel like. :smiley:


  • RukiriRukiri Posts: 58Member

    I'll donate $1000 if someone has a working and fully documented binding for Lua.

  • memermemer Posts: 39Member

    But Lua doesn't have static typing?

  • _807__807_ Posts: 59Member

    No, lua is dynamically typed and very tiny, and "faster than light". For math brute force seems like "the scripting system of C" and for simple math (people say) in can be fastest that other compiled options (in JIT version), some people say that is faster than C++. You have var´s and tables, syntax is minimal, it´s more tolerant that gdscript to the "syntax inventions" (ej, You can add element to table with "[]" or "."), and have a tiny fast-math library that is really that we need to do calculations of movements, iterations, etc.... try Love2d or Gideros and you will see the ultra fast execution of math that luaJIT have.

    I think that if it can be binded to Godot it will be the "math solution" that probably C++ can´t cover (really C++
    doesn´t seem a realistic option, for donkeys like me is add too complexity to our small brain and we need this small brain to imagine gameplay things, and for avanced programers... well, there are complaints about a giantic type called variant that is very usefull for some things but seems not allow to do really fast computations (Other people can explain you better, source code of Godot is like a labyrinth to me). All of this can be wrong, there are conclusion reading test and real programmers stuff, playing with Love2D and GiderosMobile and seing the incredible velocity. Also you can go to bunnymark topic and see an example of a c++ module than power up calculations, but not a lot. I have a simple iteration test with Love2d (luaJIT) in this topic and you can see the performance.

  • Shin-NiLShin-NiL Posts: 158Moderator

    Lua binding would be a great addition: fast, small and easy to use <3

  • whooshfrostedwhooshfrosted Posts: 30Member

    I tried to bind Lua code one time, but it was too fiddly so I gave up. lol

  • _807__807_ Posts: 59Member

    @whooshfrosted said:
    I tried to bind Lua code one time, but it was too fiddly so I gave up. lol

    What kind of problems do you find? Too messy?

  • whooshfrostedwhooshfrosted Posts: 30Member
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    It was a long time ago back when I used SDL so things could have changed, but at the time it seemed too convoluted for something I thought should be dead simple. AngelScript by comparison was a no brainer to add so I went with that.

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