[Video Tutorial] Signals with Godot Engine

TyboboboTybobobo Posts: 47Member

Yesterdays Godot Engine video is out today!

"Signals with Godot Engine"

I was a bit delayed as I had some trouble with my new video editor. :blush:

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  • NeoDNeoD Posts: 148Member
    edited May 2017

    Thanks. Recently I decided to use more custom signals. It is safer than the "get_node" function in some cases.
    If an emitted signal did not find a node the game can proceed anyway.

  • whooshfrostedwhooshfrosted Posts: 30Member

    Thanks Ivan. Great tutorial.

  • SchusterSchuster Posts: 334Member

    Thanks for your work on this tutorials....great!!

  • TyboboboTybobobo Posts: 47Member

    Glad everyone found it helpful :)

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