Possible to embed mp4 videos?

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Especially if more people catch on to posting devlogs of their projects here, it would be pretty awesome if we could embed mp4s in posts. Right now we can do gifs with the image attacher, but gifs are an awful, ancient format: they only have 256 colors and are around 10x the size of an mp4.

I don't know much about how this stuff works, but it might also extend to embedding other stuff, with iframes or whatever. I've tried embedding youtube videos, which worked in the preview but disappeared if I toggled HTML view again. So maybe there's some bug with that involved?


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    YES, everything is awesome.

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    Cutting our conversation short, now it works. Please try it( I used Imgur above).
    should work with "Youtube Vimeo Imgur Pastebin Soundcloud Gyazo", allegedly.

    Haven't tried them all, but at least it works with imgur which is pretty mainstream.

    Edit: Btw i just copied the clean links to the page no embedding.

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    I also got all the reparsing that used to happen fixed:

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    It fixes all the other issues, that i mentioned earlier, with the smileys and all. You can post a youtube link, it will just work, and that's that, you can edit it and it wont break.

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