Total noob.. Need help with the 'Step by Step' tutorial

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Hello World!<br /><br />It's my first time using any kind of game development software, but, I didn't want to go for one of those WYSIWYG type engines like GameMaker Studio. I want to delve headlong into a powerful engine.  That said, I'm already stuck...<br /><br />I'm going through the 'Step by Step' guide and I'm up to the section on scripting:<br /><br /><br />I've created the Panel, Label and Button nodes but I am unable to edit the text field in the properties window for the button node.  <br /><br />When hovering the mouse over the text field in the properties window a tool tip pops up reading "Property: Text. Set the button text, which will be displayed inside the button area." but clicking, double clicking or right clicking does not allow me to edit the text. I am confuse :S<br /><br />Help a noob out? please and thank you


  • gungnirindgungnirind Posts: 11Member
    Make sure you're clicking the text field, not the word "Text":<br />1dYIdda.png
  • ichimitchichimitch Posts: 6Member
    Hmm that field wasn't visible. I'll try resizing the properties window when I get home tonight. Thanks for the reply
  • ichimitchichimitch Posts: 6Member
    Okay so just in case this happens to anyone else: the problem was that the text field wasn't visible... but I clicked in the space that gungnirind indicated in the screenshot and then the field became visible and continues to be visible now that it has been triggered. Seems it was a minor bug in the UI
  • ichimitchichimitch Posts: 6Member
    I started a new project and experienced the same bug
  • AkienAkien Posts: 70Godot Leader
    Could you report this on GitHub?
  • ichimitchichimitch Posts: 6Member
    Sure thing :)
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