Godot 3.1 Beta 4

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Hello everyone. I've been putting a mobile game together using Godot for about 2 or 3 months using the stable 3.0 version. I have been looking forward to 3.1 coming out, to use the latest and greatest, and reverting back to GLES 2.0 for my app. The game is a 3D game, but the camera uses a static orthogonal view. It's almost a top down view, but uses a -45 degree rotation on the x axis. I love how it looks, but I'm having issues with the directional light shadow properties that I need help understanding.

Godot version: 3.1 beta 4
GLES: 2.0
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 620
Using 3D scene

This is my scene setup (Brand new project):

This is my camera instance:

This is my directional light:

This is the scene rendered by the editor:

In the editor, the scene looks as I would expect it to, my only issue is that the shadow color does not seem to respond to any changes. In the image with the directional light properties, it is red, but the shadow color does not seem to change (In editor or at run time). From what I recall, I was able to change this in 3.0.

When I run the scene, if I have the camera a little too far away from the cylinder, the shadow disappears. When I bring the camera in slightly closer, the shadow comes back. Also, the shadow seems to clip out when objects are moved to the right or left too much. What controls this?

Thanks in advance for any information.

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