Camera2D Zoom Script Help

JayBananaJayBanana Posts: 13Member


I was wondering if anyone could give me a head start on how to get the Camera2D to zoom into the current scene.

As a test I have a scene with a background (Sprite2D) and also a Camera2D node.

In the script I'm hoping to zoom in, or out for a screen/camera transition similar to a retro pixel game - I think Mario Kart used to do it.

I'm not sure how to go about it, i.e. what kind of loop or function and how to access the properties of the Camera2D node - I'm assuming I'll need Delta time too.

It's a fun effect and I've used it in Construct 2/3 previously, so I'd be keen to see how it's done in Godot.

Thanks, Jay.


  • JayBananaJayBanana Posts: 13Member

    Forget it! After working out how to zoom the camera in and out, I realised that I was on the wrong track anyway.

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