(Paid) Porting a Twine 2/SugarCube 2 game into Godot

Hey there! I am a developer of a Twine-based interactive fiction game and a pretty middling programmer; Twine's worked because I already have some CSS/HTML and shitty javascript skills, but I'm running up against the limits of the engine (particularly with respect to accessibility, but also other issues like music/audio) and I've been exploring trying to bring the game into a "proper" engine.

However, as above, I'm a pretty middling programmer and I think the porting process is well and truly outside of my capabilities. As such, I'm wondering if someone would be interested in taking on the task of working with me to port the existing game-in-development to Godot.

A demo of my current game can be downloaded from itch right now, and that's probably a good place to look into it to see what I've got already. I have a design document of some changes I'd make to the game's visual aesthetic if it were no longer HTML-based, but the bulk of the game's functionality wouldn't ideally change — it's interactive fiction, not an open-world shooter, and I don't want to impact that.

I'd love to hear from anyone who feels like they can take this on! Thanks tons.


  • indicainkwellindicainkwell Posts: 13Member


    I downloaded and enjoyed playing the Alcyone demo on itch. The amount of work
    and care put into the game really shows.

    I feel that I can take on this project and work with you to make a great native visual novel experience. I have been working with Godot off and on for the past 3 years, since it was first open sourced, and have created a multitude of little games, editors, and add-ons.

    I can work on existing twine-like solutions that have been made for Godot or
    roll a custom solution to both port your existing source and to future proof
    for expanding development needs. Such as an in engine passage editor like twine.

    You can see some public facing projects I'm maintaining on Github:


    I can be reached at:


    Also, congratulations on getting kickstarted, that's quite a feat!

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  • GarromOrcShamanGarromOrcShaman Posts: 190Member

    So, how this story ends, did you two joined force after all ? Every thread on forum is telling some kind of story... I wonder how this one ends.

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