My suggest for Godot.(From Gamemaker‘s advantages)

KoromoKoromo Posts: 8Member

1.Godot have not a internal sprite editor , this is trouble for make the game's draft(When i make a new object, I'm also have to use external paint software and import draft texture for them ,if Godot have internal sprite drawer it save time
2.Make collision shape with each frame of animation sprite(In order to generate different collision boxes according to different actions frames of the role's sprite,Godot's code and collision node is trouble than Gamemaker's spirte editor)


  • Ace DragonAce Dragon Posts: 238Member
    edited January 12

    A sprite editor would be nice, but it would be a sizable development project if you want something fully usable (so it will definitely not be in the upcoming 3.1 release).

    Even GameMaker's sprite editor was rather basic for years before the purchase by YoYoGames (which is back when I used it). Right now, you can do some object creation using 2D polygons and shaders, the scene-based structure of Godot will do a good job of keeping everything together.

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