any advice for a future indie dev?

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Hello everyone. im new to programming but im working towards building my skills in Gdscript. i follow tutorials and then work without them to see how much of it ive retained. my question is how can i improve on this what are some things you guys do to improve? i know eventually the tutorials will run out and that will mean a dead end for me. any tips, rules of thumb or guides will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

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    make projects / prototypes/demos the more you will be better you can also participate in different game jams.... create your own library / database of different game mechanics, learn how to use custom signals and global scripts.

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    I would suggest following tutorials and other learning resources initially, as it can help you learn the ropes with making games. I would follow tutorials you find interesting. I would also suggest trying multiple different game engines so you can learn how game mechanics work across multiple different frameworks/engines/programming-languages, and so you can find the engine you like working with the best.

    Once you feel ready, I would suggest making prototype games and/or implement popular game mechanics without necessarily following tutorials and other learning resources step by step.

    Following tutorials and then making my own prototypes really helped me understand what I was learning in the beginning. Many of these prototypes never got beyond a single level, if even that, but it really helped cement what I was learning and gave me confidence that I maybe could actually make a game.

    As @Schuster said, participating in game jams is a good way to learn too. I made and released my first game in a game jam, and it really helped my realize that I can actually make games that people may actually want to play.

    Personally, I would suggest entering a relaxed game jam initially. I would NOT suggest entering a game jam with judging initially, as it can be really demotivating to get poor ratings. I also would not suggest entering a super big jam like Ludum Dare initially, as it is a lot of stress when you already have the complexities of making games to worry about. Personally, I'd suggest making and releasing a couple games before considering a big jam like Ludum Dare. Also, I would maybe suggest not doing a 24-48 hour jam initially, as it can be really draining and add extra stress.

    The biggest thing to remember when entering game jams, whether you are new to game development and game jams or not, is to not get discouraged! Ultimately game jams are supposed to be fun, so if you enter a game jam, just do your best and have fun, don't worry about whether your game is "as good" as anyone else's, whether it gets good ratings, and/or how many downloads it gets.

    Trust me, if you can keep this in mind, game jams will be a lot more fun, a lot less stressful, and it is easier to stay motivated.

    Another good way to learn is to just experiment with new ideas. If you have a cool idea for a game, try and make a prototype. It may not work out, but you'll almost certainly learn new things along the way. I have dozens of games that I started, worked a bit on, and then abandoned for one reason or another, but looking back I almost always realize I learned something from those projects that later helped me.

    And as a bonus, you get a bunch of cool little projects you can visit later! Though you might have the side effect of scratching your head wondering what in the world you were actually trying to make with some of the projects.

    Finally, as strange as it may sound, a good way to learn is to teach! Making tutorials or explaining how you did things can really help you learn yourself and as a bonus it can help others too! I have found that teaching forces you to at least have a basic understanding what is going on yourself, as otherwise you cannot really explain what is going on to others. It also gives opportunities to review and learn more about topics you have already learned about.

    I cannot express how much I learned by teaching general beginner programming. Honestly, I think teaching beginner programming really solidified my knowledge of the basics and made me a better programmer in general. I do not know how well it works for others, but for me personally I have found that teaching is a great way to really understand more about the medium you are teaching others.

    Overall, if I had to suggest the number one thing that has helped me personally in my game devleopment, I would say this:
    Have fun, make what YOU think is interesting, and try not to get discouraged!

    Hopefully this helps :smile:

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    I appreciate the feedback. i think when i get a better understanding of what i'm doing ill look into participating in game jams, they sound like a lot of fun.

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