Taking a value from dropdown choice, to determine next dropdown node

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i uhh, not quite sure how to put it into words but so be it.
i'm trying to make a dropdown with several choice, here's thecode

extends Control

export (NodePath) var dropdown_path
onready var dropdown = get_node(dropdown_path)

func _ready():
    #add items

#add items to dropdown
func add_items():
    dropdown.add_item("Safe Guard")

what i want to ask is, i want a certain premade dropdown to appear based on player first choice.
for example, if player choose to "collect", then a dropdown with a choice of item will appear, but if player choose to "subjugate", then a dropdown of list of enemies will appear instead.
tried several ways to take the value, but something is amiss.
Any insight is highly appreciated.
thank yo.

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