Question about game exporting?

BigDCBigDC Posts: 17Member

I use Godot 3.0.6. Can games be made on Godot for, and exported to, Amazon Fire 5th Gen tablets, if so, how?


  • CalinouCalinou Posts: 217Admin Godot Developer
    edited January 9 Answer ✓

    The Kindle Fire 5th generation appears to run Android 5.1, which is supported by Godot 3.0 (and the upcoming 3.1). However, its GPU (Mali-450) is limited to OpenGL ES 2.0, so it cannot run Godot 3.0.x projects. OpenGL ES 2.0 will be supported again in Godot 3.1, so you should consider upgrading if you are aiming to release your game soon (as of writing, it's currently in beta).

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