As-yet untitled Space Game

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Two of my favorite games of all time are Star Control 2, and Rimworld.
I asked myself....
What if Star Control 2 had a procedurally generated universe, and your "ship" or "base" had the personalities and colony-building of Rimworld.

Well It'd take someone far more intelligent than me to code that.
But I decided to start to learn anyway, armed with sparse Python knowledge and no artistic ability.
Well so far, I have a procedurally generated universe, and a ship that can fly around, scan planets etc.
All in very amateurish 2d!

LOTS of placeholder stuff, no real idea of UI, very early concept.

I want to get better at shaders, and art, the simple noise generation for the planets bothers me.
And then I need to get to work on an actual game progression, landing on the planets, scooping up the resources.
Having a home base with crew, that can be expanded and so on.

source at

GPL licensed

would welcome input, help, collab.
Especially from people who actually know how to make sense of shader code.

Some pics and gifs - ( capturing software caused my poor little laptop to melt , so the frames suffered!)


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