Spell Duel (Placeholder Name) - Looking for 1 or 2 interested developers

KitoedKitoed Posts: 5Member

Hey guys, in the video I pretty much explained everything, but here is a short tl;dr;

  • 2d static arena game with spells, buffs, debuffs, classes
  • 2v2/3v3/???
  • Animations like in hearthstone: Example "Arcane Missiles" flying toward one enemy avatar or Fireball doing that
  • Quick Real Time Match taking 5-15 Minutes, for quick fun while waiting for other stuff or just having a quick match with friends (group system WIP)

What I accomplishedin 1 week so far:
- Queue: Matching 4 Players into a match
- Main Menu: Name Validation, Class Selection, Spell bar Preview, Connected player/Players in queue label, Some no copyright background sound
- Loading into match countdown + sound
- Main Match: Health + Ressource bars, Avatars, Spellbar for the selected class, cast bar for enemies, Targetting + target of target of enemies, End Screen Scoreboard + DamageDone/Healing Done, Some no copyright background sound
- Spell System: Dynamic Spells loading, spell effects defining, spell targets defining, Adding spells is just as easy with that system

What I need help the most with:
- Spell animations (Fireball flys on the enemy avatar, after spell use.... for example)
- Look over code and tell me if thats done like that in usual godot scripts, tell me a better way (Because I come from WoW Emulation coding in c++, this one was really tough and limited in gdscript xd)
- Any designing ideas you have on frontend or designing classes at later states
- Frontend Button Design, Healthbar design, cast bar design... all design stuff.. I am GIMP noob x) #Me is coder, me no design#

You can become a full teammate of me and we can rise this little project idea to something playable... maybe even on Steam. (I have Stream friend who could advertise a bit when its in a playable state)

If you have any question... dont hesitate to contact me ... Discord Kito#8621 email: kito@vortexirc.com
If you are german that would be even more interesting :smiley:

Thanks for reading <3
Have nice coding sessions guys!

PS: Yes the code might be breaking alot of code conventions, that I would usually not break when coding for other projects.. but I already put a review on a todo list for the future.

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  • KitoedKitoed Posts: 5Member

    Some picture I made when I did not start yet with coding... just random pics thrown together into 1 picture to see how it could possibly look like

  • UnnamedUnnamed Posts: 37Member

    Looks interesting. I don't know if I could help much as I'm a coder myself. It's really hard to find free high quality assets that fit together, that's why I started creating my own assets years ago.
    As for spell animations it is probably easiest to to use sprites with an AnimationPlayer that does a fade in/out and move the sprites by using a Tween. A more elaborated approach would be to use particles and shaders instead of a simple sprite to create an animated fire ball or whatever.

  • KitoedKitoed Posts: 5Member

    Thanks for info @Unnamed

    I now implemented buff/debuffs (Stasis Effects, Life Swap Effects.. etc), cooldowns

    New Spell Effects are coming one by one.

    Still having 0 animations, but my friends enjoyed having a match going even without animations there was some kind of competitive feeling.

  • KitoedKitoed Posts: 5Member

    Still no animations yet, but having more enhanced Spells working + Simple Procs: On Power Use, On Cast, On Do Damage

    Who can do Animations :(

    All spells are working implemented.

  • UnnamedUnnamed Posts: 37Member

    You could look for free icons like these: https://opengameart.org/content/painterly-spell-icons-part-2
    I guess it's not that easy to find some good free icons. It will probably be easier to find something in a more simplistic style, like these icons I made myself: https://opengameart.org/content/rpg-icons-3.

    Well, I think I can help you with animations if you don't manage to do that yourself. As reference, here is a fireball I made: https://imgur.com/a/qgOCrZS.

    It looks like there is no spell to summon skeletons in the necromancer screenshot. That's somewhat mandatory, isn't it? ;)

  • KitoedKitoed Posts: 5Member

    I contacted you, check your PMs.

    The game has changed alot from the video above... I made debuff/buff bar + timer for that, tooltips on all icons, select spells for your class...

    Next big thing will be a complete clean up of code + using correct global classes for classes like players, match, spells, auras, cooldown-management etc.

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