Collecting Christmas

maroon_carlmaroon_carl Posts: 2Member

Collecting Christmas is a short holiday-themed platform game. It's also my first Godot game. In this game, you play as a tree that is trying to become a Christmas tree by collecting decorations and presents.

It can be found here:

Feel free to leave feedback on art, design, or sounds.

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  • Ace DragonAce Dragon Posts: 238Member

    Played through.

    Overall, a cute little game befitting the Christmas season. I like how the music just cuts out during the more difficult fire sections.

  • maroon_carlmaroon_carl Posts: 2Member

    @Ace Dragon Thank you for the feedback!
    Originally I was going to have a different song for the fiery parts, but as I wanted to finish before Christmas, I ended up prioritizing other things over that. Turning off the music worked just as well, I think.

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