Can anyone make this tutorial?

I am looking for an example where a character made with makehuman (community) will be imported in godot as a mesh and make him walk/run and do a simple animation more, all that on a small square/plane.


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    I'm not really sure a tutorial is specific to creating MakeHuman characters is necessarily required to learn how to use MakeHuman characters in Godot, as the workflow is very similar to using non-MakeHuman animated characters. To be fair, I have not used MakeHuman, so maybe I'm missing something.

    I would suggest looking at tutorials for the following steps, as they are (likely) what is needed to make a humanoid character in Godot:

    -| 3D model character (this is done by MakeHuman, as it generates a model)

    -| Texture character (I assume that MakeHuman handles this?)

    -| Make an animation rig/skeleton for the character (I'm not sure if MakeHuman does this or not)

    -| Animate the character using keyframes. If you are using Blender, make sure to save each animation into its own action and make sure to press the "F" button to force a copy to be saved, as otherwise you will lose your animations once you close Blender.

    -| Export the character to a file format Godot will read. I would suggest using a .dae file.

    -| Drop the exported file into a Godot project. Make a instance of it in a new scene. Make animations loop if you needed (it's the little infinity looking button that appears in animation window when a AnimationPlayer node is selected)

    -| Place a plane MeshInstance node at the character's feet.

    -| Write some code to trigger various animations stored within the imported AnimationPlayer node so you can preview the animation.

    As far as tutorials go, some quick Google searches yielded the following results:
    (Note: I have not gone through any of the tutorials and only took a brief look through them before linking the ones I think will be useful.)

    -| Moving MakeHuman assets into Blender (MakeHuman community wiki)
    -| Animating a MakeHuman Character in Blender Part 1 (envato tuts+)
    -| Animating a MakeHuman Character in Blender Part 2 (envato tuts+)
    -| Blender & Godot: 3D animations (Youtube)
    -| Creating Reusable Characters with Blender and Unity (Raywenderlich -- Looks like it guides you though the majority of the process. Would need to be slightly translated to work with Godot, but mainly only the exporting part)
    -| Importing 3D assets from Blender - GameDev.TV (

    Hopefully this helps! :smile:

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