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7 years ago I had a cool idea for a puzzle game. I made a basic version on the computer, created a few levels and then forgot about it. This year however, I decided to turn it into a proper app that people can download and play.

I tried a few game engines (Cocos2D and Unity), but I quickly realised that Godot is the best for what I want to do. The python-like script was easy to learn and I found the user interface very easy to use. Documentation was a little lacking, but the tutorials that existed (from gamefromscratch) were really excellent. Also I found that everyone on the forums was very friendly, thanks guys. Now after many hours of work (and sleepless nights) I am finally happy to announce that the game is ready!

Blox is a simple puzzle game where you need to slide blocks around to make them all green. As you play the game, you will uncover new block types that make the levels more challenging. There are 80 puzzles to solve and some of them are quite tricky.

You can download the game through Google Play and play it on any Android device. I really hope that you enjoy playing this. If you like the game then please spread the word and share it with your friends. Finally, I would like to thank all my friends and family who helped and supported me in this journey.

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