Space Fleet - Another over-ambitious WIP space sandbox

Hey there! It's about time I posted this thing... you may have seen it pop up in discord once or twice.
Devlog here:

I call it... Space Fleet. A name that's generic and difficult to locate, much like the game itself.

- Singleplayer with drop-in splitscreen
- Build and command your fleet, delegate ships to friends or AI
- Battle size upwards in the hundreds (<40 in the unoptimized prototype)
- Fully-crewed ADA compliant interiors

Don't describe by comparing other games It's sorta like Mount & Blade but somehow in space. You got the big ships, the small ships.
Going for a retro-future vibe like an old scifi movie. Huge computers, spinning tapes, etc.

A quick preview:

(^ the big ship is a placeholder, not my creation)

Thus far I've logged well over 400 hours. Not gonna lie... it's hard to stay motivated when alone in the proverbial basement, and it's hard to stay dedicated when it doesn't pay the bills. But I shall prevail, one way or another.

The demo isn't ready for public consumption, but hopefully I'll summon the power to upload it soon.
Thanks for reading :]


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  • leocesar3dleocesar3d Posts: 1Member

    You have a great framework already. Don't loose motivation. Set goals, made them public and go for it. Don't compare youself to other game projects aswell. Imprint your unique vision to your game. Sucess!

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