How do you remove output box when exporting for web?

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I finally figured out how to export the game for the web, with no help from the docs... surprisingly, they don't explain how to do this ;{, but the html doc that gets created has an output box at the bottom of the page. I need this gone, as I want to see how the game looks on an iPad by serving from IIS.


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    Try unchecking Debugging Enabled at the bottom of the file dialog that appears before exporting. This should hide the output window, in addition to enabling release optimizations.

  • jmiguyjmiguy Posts: 27Member
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    That worked. Thanks so much.

    Once I figured out that I needed to set the file name to index.html, I was able to get the export to load in the browser correctly. I don't think this is clearly defined in the docs.There's a lot of info there, so much that it's overwhelming, but I couldn't find a simple step by step example.

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    New problem... with debug included in the exported files, everything works (sometimes) as it does in the editor. Without debug included in the exported files, one of my buttons stops working. Do you have any idea what might cause this?

    When exported with debugging, and it fails, it's showing an ERROR: 71 message.

  • jmiguyjmiguy Posts: 27Member

    I cannot get it to load in Firefox on my iPad anyway. I just get a black screen and an endless progress indicator.

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