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Hello!, :D
I created a small game on Godot 3.0 and it works fine on my desktop, but when i export it for Android and try to install the .apk on my phone, it shows the message: "App not installed".
I set up everything correctly, the adb, the jarsigner, the debug.keystore and it still doesn't work!
One thing that i found strange is that i made a smaller project before this one, with just two scenes and it worked perfectly, even the installation. So i'm really confused with this problem. I just doesn't want to install.
I've searched a lot already and i hope somebody can help me here. :(

ps: My phone is a Samsung Galaxy s7


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  • DerawgeDerawge Posts: 4Member
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  • DerawgeDerawge Posts: 4Member

    I runned the One click Deploy on my phone and got this on the denug window:

    These two errors appeared:
    "failure[INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_NO_CERTIFICATES failed to collect certificates from:...]"
    "Error type 3"
    "Activity class does not exist"

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