Complete tutorial for game in C++

Hi. Please share a link to a complete game (like official "Your First Game" example) in Godot in C++
Googling seems not giving any results for now.


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  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 1,000Admin

    Currently I do not think there are any complete game tutorials (or just complete games) written in C++ for Godot right now. Most of the C++ work in Godot is for making plugins, modules, and/or binding external libraries so they can be used with one of the scripting languages provided by Godot (GDScript, C#, etc). To the best of my knowledge, I do not think anyone is using C++ primarily for any Godot games, since it is much easier to just use GDScript/C# for the majority of the game programming work in Godot.

    The answer from this Godot QA question has some links that may help you learn how to make a game with C++ in Godot.

    It looks like at least one of the demos (Kinematic Character demo) linked in the QA answer could show how to use C++ in a way that is more akin to how GDScript/C# is used with Godot.

    Other than the links in the QA answer, I was unable to find any material on using C++ for making games with Godot. It just seems there is not that many people using Godot and C++, or at least not that many resources on it.

    Hopefully this helps :smile:

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