Mesh format that supports vertex color data in godot? (mesh, not scene)

mperonenmperonen Posts: 5Member

Greetings. I would really like to know how I could import a mesh file with vertex color data.
I know I can import whole scenes (Blender Godot exporter for example), but the issue with bringing in and updating the whole scene is that all settings I have defined afterwards in Godot will be wiped out / lost after updating/refreshing the scene file.

I have a scene structure with MeshInstance node, I want to define a mesh in to it and a custom shader script. But I am unable to find a mesh format that would work with Vertex color data.

Alternatively, is there a way to brush/paint vertex colours within Godot itself? This would allow me to paint textures via vertex colors.


  • slapinslapin Posts: 61Member
    Answer ✓

    Common mesh you get (ArrayMesh) supports vertex color. Your importer should provide required data and your shader is supposed to be able to make use of these.

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