How to make certain cells of tilemap transparent on conditions

morgashmorgash Posts: 2Member

I want to use a map visual similar to those of RPG maker.
But I do want to be able to see behind the walls when the player is there... I don't know how to that.

If anyone has a hint on how to do that, I will be happy. Even better if it's a tuto :smile:


  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 1,000Admin
    Answer ✓

    Not sure if this will help or if you have seen it already, but it appears someone on the Godot QA site has asked a similar question. There is a answer there with shader code that drives the effect.

    Maybe the answer on the Godot QA site will help?

  • morgashmorgash Posts: 2Member

    I haven't seen it.
    Thank you !
    I may be able to work something from that :smiley:

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