Tileset collision: what do I forget?

ilbakilbak Posts: 3Member
  • I created the main scene
  • I created the scene with tiles and each tile is a StaticBody with Sprite and CollisionShape.
  • I exported the scene as tilesets
  • I created a Tilemap node in the main scene and indicated the tileset created ...

The tiles in the main scene are imported without collisions. In the scene with the tiles the collisions work, but it is as if they were not exported.
What did I forget?


  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 1,000Admin
    Answer ✓

    Have you looked at the using a tilemap section of the documentation? When I have followed the steps exactly and made my node setup the same as in the documentation, I have been able to successfully get collision with a tilemap.

    I think for exported tilemaps to have working collision, the tiles have to be set up in the following order: Sprite -> StaticBody2D -> CollisionShape2D/CollisionPolygon, but I do not use the 2D side of Godot very often so I’m not positive.

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