The Untamed Wild (working title)

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Hey there,
it feels like most action about godot happens on the discord-server but I would love to start a thread about my gameproject here! I'm still new to godot but learning a lot throught different tutorial series und udemy.

But let me speak about the project:
It started as an idea years ago where I created an world which combines the scenario of mankind not being on top of the food chain and dark primal rituals beeing done by some fanatical societies. The world is full of dangers, seen and unseen. Most people live in strongholds, which act like city states and communication from city to city is only possible with guarded caravans.
The player will be an mercenary which protects merchants, diplomats and settlers - all hoping for profit and shelter in other cities. You will dive into an world where safety is something most people don't know. If not beasts are your problem, hunger or enviromental dangers will be.

The graphics you can see here are a little teaser of the mood the game will have. They are done by me and take a lot of time. There are some outdoor-graphics too but all is pretty work-in-progress atm.


Things you can expect from this project:

  • a dark and grim world - full of choices and consequences
  • a dynamic battlesystem
  • exclusive graphics mostly made by myself
  • passion for detail


I will use this thread to keep people up to date but atm I have to work on this in my spare time. When i have an prototype I will try to start as part-time-developer and see where I will get. :)

Follow me on discord if you wanna get ALL updates!


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  • HippoHippo Posts: 27Member

    Awesome to see this project coming along. ^^ Really love the graphics with the campfire, looking forward to future updates. =)

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 1,086Admin

    Love the artwork, best wishes and i hope to see this project completed. :)

  • ChimaereJadeChimaereJade Posts: 21Member

    Thanks you two! I will give my best to create an prototype as first milestone. It will take some time but at least I'm not complete new in gamedesign. I hope for much feedback and will show more details and WIP over time. :)

  • xananaxxananax Posts: 3Member

    This is excellent, I hope you continue! Be following

  • lagartolagarto Posts: 1Member

    What program are you using to create the graphics?

  • ChimaereJadeChimaereJade Posts: 21Member
    edited October 2018

    It will take a while from progress to progress because at the moment I can work ~10h per week on it, but I have my vision of this world anderen want bring it to life. :)

    Hey there, I use aseprite for the graphics. It's a bit of try an error offsetting everything correct in Godot but it works. :)

  • ChimaereJadeChimaereJade Posts: 21Member

    Hey there - are you doing well? It's time for an little update!
    The end of the year comes closer and closer. My goal until this was to create an interior-tileset and doing some basics in gameplay. Today I want to show you an ingame-scene which shows how the tileset makes progress. :D

  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 1,043Admin

    Looks great!

  • ugly_catugly_cat Posts: 4Member
    edited December 2018

    Love the art style and UI elements. I'm also making an isometric tile based game, but I'm planning on using blender for all the assets. Out of curiosity what does your asset work-flow look like?

  • ChimaereJadeChimaereJade Posts: 21Member
    edited December 2018

    Thanks for the positive feedback! I'm using this as a start but will imporve the visuals over time when my abilities are improving too. :)

    Thanks to you too! Right now I'm working on the 2D-part of godot, so I'm using Aseprite with an grid-layer and create the graphics there.
    After this I load the complete tileset into godot and use it as texture for all the sprites while enableling the region-section and select each part with pixel-snap. After that I save the whole scene and export it as an tileset itself.
    The only two downsides are, that I need to use some offset-settings for most sprites and I need to handle the depthsorting for bigger sprites like the bed because the pre-build y-sorting just works for top-down and sidescroll but not the isometric-perspective.
    Hope it helps! :)

    Following you can the the progress on the tileset and the first final character for the game. This will define the style of the game a lot. What do you think? :)

  • EbenezerEbenezer Posts: 50Member

    Nice game. Keep it up. In years time, you will be a successful game developer.

  • ChimaereJadeChimaereJade Posts: 21Member
    edited February 3

    Thanks! I don't have much time because of my fulltime-job but I hope to shift this over time and get more productive with this project. :)

    Here is an little update about some graphics I did the last weekend. The artstyle should get more consistent and detailed from now! The shadows are kinda placeholders but because of tweaking possibilites I may add an option in the future to deactivate the dynamic lighting and just use those static shadows.

    The next Halloween may need some time nevertheless it's time for an bone-update for "TheUntamedWild"!

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