Snake Game - 360 degree movement

GrampsGramps Posts: 21Member

So my friend is working on his first game and I've been helping him out (mostly art, sub-systems, etc). The idea is similar to Snake but the movement is in 360 degrees. He started with the classic movement (4 direction) and it was pretty simple to get going. However, the move to 360 degree has stumped him and, honestly, me too.

Moving the head in 360 is naturally not an issue, but getting the body to turn and move with it are. Anyone have any pointers for this conundrum?


  • MikeWieringMikeWiering Posts: 3Member
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    If you can move the head then it is not hard. Just make a list of the previous positions of the head and you know where to place the rest of the snake.

  • GrampsGramps Posts: 21Member

    Thanks, sir. I'll download his current repo and try it out.

  • GrampsGramps Posts: 21Member
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    Eh, that didn't work. Since we are moving in 360 degrees, including angle the head/body is facing, I couldn't seem to get that functional. I'll have to figure something else out. Thanks though.

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