I'm Having Trouble Using IRC

Whenever I try to join it keeps saying "#godotengine Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services".
What's wrong? I was able to use it with no issues before.


  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 1,049Admin

    It seems you need to register your nickname with the IRC sever, if this SuperUser answer is anything to go by. I have not used the IRC personally so I’m not sure how helpful the SuperUser answer will be, but looking through Google, it appears that error message only happens when your IRC nickname is not registered.

  • CalinouCalinou Posts: 217Admin Godot Developer
    edited August 2018 Answer ✓

    Due to ongoing issues with spam, joining #godotengine currently requires to be identified to NickServ. See the freenode page on registration for details on how to register and identify to NickServ.

  • d4v3y_5c0n3sd4v3y_5c0n3s Posts: 54Member

    Thanks, this has really confused me!

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