An array of node

gfourniergfournier Posts: 4Member

Hi I'm pretty new to godot and programming in general. I know the basic but not much. I'm trying to do a jrpg with godot but I want to chop this in a lot of little section of the game. So the first section I want to do is create my party and acces there different stats in the output.

So what I've done so far is create a player template scene of what I want:

After I've create a party scene to create my player:

Now I would like to know how I can cycle through those player to create an array of the active player?

Can I do this in the party scene or I need to create another scene and load it?

And the goal of doing a party scene is to make it singleton so I can access it anywhere in the futur

So let me know if I use the good way or if is there a better way to do it.



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