Representation of set of data in Inspector

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Hi all!

working on multi-agent navigation I need to represent a list of agents and some of their properties in Inspector.
The number of agents is variadic and there should be direct control of removal of existing entities and adding new ones.
Adding is not a problem, the removal however is.
I implemented a set of properties for each agent "agents/0/path", "agents/0/flags" etc. which work like a charm.
A problem is that when there are like 100 agents set in editor, and you need to remove 59th one in editor, it is hard to implement that
as I can't put "Remove" button to Inspector. Currently I added boolean property which does removal of agent from list when checked, but it doesn't look natural. Is there alternate way to represent data?
I tried to put up array-type property, but it looks much worse and harder to use in this case. Is there something else?


  • ZireaelZireael Posts: 81Member
    Answer ✓

    I think the way for you to go is Editor plugin.

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