"Security Camera" in 2D

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How could this be done? The same Scene from another point of view. Something like this:

(13:28 e.g.)
I've tried this Scene as a simple proof of concept:

Node2D (MainNode)
|Camera2D (MainCamera)
|ViewportContainer(the area for the "other" view)
||myViewport(a Viewport Node)

I've set the my Viewport to the same world2d as the RootViewport(because iam not trying to show another/instanced scene)
Gave ViewportContainer/Viewport enough space within the View (half the Screensize)
Did not set myViewport to own world,bcause its the same world(also tried the opposite way)
Tried several settings...(Disable3d in Viewport, setting the second Camera also to current...)
However, i'm on the right way?

thx, for any help!


  • ZireaelZireael Posts: 81Member

    The second camera/viewport needs to have something under it, I believe.

    Also you could try this: http://kidscancode.org/blog/2018/07/godot3_splitscreen/

  • molamarmolamar Posts: 2Member

    Thx for your advice. I looked at kidscancodes video(btw. great godot video series) and got this example running.
    But it doesnt help me with my problem. The main different is that i try to map/show a part of the current scene on a viewportcontainer/viewport/camera2d construct within the current scene. So the question is: Is this possible in Godot?
    Thx for any suggestion!

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