can I control the order of rendering of different materials in the same mesh?

icqqqicqqq Posts: 31Member

I have a mesh with 3 materials.
I want to render the 3 materials in a specific order, which is:
material a over material b. and render material c as normal.

For over means that material a is always render on top of material b.
And material c should render as normal, which means material a will not over material c.

It is possible in godot?
or is there any render queue equivalent in godot?



  • SIsilicon28SIsilicon28 Posts: 35Member

    It's kinda possible, but only works for materials regarded as transparent (That either right to the alpha channel, or uses the screen buffer). With those kinds of materials you can use their render_priority property to overwrite the order in which they're drawn.

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