Godot-Engine Property UI: Show/Hide Property on certain condition

dertomdertom Posts: 3Member

Hi, there (already asked this on irc):

How can I realize 'conditional' properties in the inspector. I want one property only to be visible if some special elements are selected. Actually like in the Material-Inspector, where properties get visible for "ClearCoat" as soon it is enabled.my code looks like this: https://pastebin.com/AE31XugP and I want "navmesh_groupname" only be visible when in bake_selection_mode BAKE_SELECTION_MODE_GROUPS_WITH_CHILDREN or BAKE_SELECTION_MODE_GROUPS_EXPLICIT is selected.

I looked at the "CleatCoat"-Code, where the properties are set and definied, but can't make out any logic that would handle showing/hiding...

Any hint would be very appreciated. It is for the navmesh-baking by groups ( https://github.com/godotengine/godot/pull/15110 )

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