C# - Basic FPS controller

JandersJanders Posts: 9Member
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Hey guys, I did a port of this to C#.

You can get it here: Github


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  • aztecsenseiaztecsensei Posts: 77Member

    thanks for share it.
    btw, is it possible to port code from godot 2 to godot 3 ,such as this owesome controller:
    i wonder what happend to that guy,he had talent.

  • NigeCNigeC Posts: 5Member

    Awesome work :)

  • NigeCNigeC Posts: 5Member

    I have noticed jump doesn't work.. if you move the player above the ground then run the game it will jump once
    But hey its early days I'm sure its nothing big :)

  • JandersJanders Posts: 9Member


    Added air jumps.
    Improved the slope logic.
    Some bug fixes.

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