Automatic 2D lighting and effects?

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Let's cut right to the chase. I want custom ambient lighting in my game that can achieve something like this:

In the mockup image, shadows casted by objects (Everything but the beam of light) have a subtract blending effect on everything beneath them, and the light has an add effect. The light also creates a sort of glow on the ground and player character as well.

What I'm wondering is, can I achieve this in Godot, and how? I've so far been using "synthetic" shadows and lights which have to be placed manually, which is a painstaking process. This will be impossible once I start building much larger levels and worlds, which is why I want a way for this to happen automatically. I thought a shader would be the way to go. The thing is, I know next to nothing about them, and there's naught a single good tutorial that I've been able to find that can help me...

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