Ambitious artist and composer looking for his John Lennon (i.e. I need a coder) (CLOSED)

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I'm working on a 2D Isometric love-note to Diablo 2 called Hallowspire. I have extensive design documents and a project already well underway. It's not that I can't code - I can, and have been - it's that it's slowly become clear to me that things would move quicker if I had someone to execute my ideas in the realm of code while I continue to develop the game's aesthetic and mechanics.

I plan on selling the game for a moderately low price on Steam ($5-$10, TBD) after it's all said and done, and I offer 25% of the game's sales to the coder who takes me up on this offer. I plan on ethical paid DLC after launch, as well as aesthetic baubles for to perhaps fund the game's online servers down the road.

I can be reached at night and day. I don't sleep much. I spend most of my free time working on my game, in fact. If you share the same drive, or just want to take a shot in the dark on an interesting-looking project, let's make something special happen.

I've done all the game's coding so far in Gdscript, but if you have an overriding preference, we'll begin the process of porting the code to the language of your choice. I'm not opposed to learning another language, the notion excites me in fact.

When I've got a spare moment, I will begin to dump screenshots and assets in this thread until I've enticed someone.

Additional Information

The game will have voice work done by the extraordinary G. M. Danielson, which I'll be paying for out of pocket as I acquire the funds to do so.

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