One point perspective (vanishing point) with Tilemap

salvob14salvob14 Posts: 3Member
in 2D

hi guys! do you know if is possible in Godot making the tilemap in perspective like shown in this video?


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  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 998Admin

    Perhaps with some 2d transforms. But I haven't done any 2D tasks in godot beyond simple UI's.

  • NeoBerlinNeoBerlin Posts: 106Member

    Hi @salvob14 ,
    hmm...tilemaptool are only available at 2D...but setting up a tileset is needing a lot of steps, so why dont set up this tiles not direktly in 3D to get the perspective?
    In past i had the same question an i answered it by "modelling" my tiles in blender for using it in Godot 3D xD
    ...or i did misunderstand you

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