Can Godot load audio files dynamically on runtime ?

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A quick background : I mainly develop interactive applications for exhibitions in musea. I have used Flash until now, but it is time to move on and Godot seems like a perfect upgrade.

I often need to create applications that are easy to translate into multiple languages without my intervention.

I normally use XML files to store configuration parameters, text per language etc...
I've read that Godot can load XML files (or any txt file), but can it also load audio files from a path that is stored inside the xml files ?

The use case is that exhibitions travel to different countries, and each country can create their own audio in their native language, store the files on disk, edit the xml files accordingly and have the application use the info provided through the xml file without needing to modify the application.

Can Godot do something like this or something similar ?

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  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 982Admin
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    Sort of. I have not had any luck importing resources dynamically, but you may be able to import sound files using the code on this GitHub issue.

    (I'm assuming you are using Godot 3)

  • petefpetef Posts: 2Member

    Thanks for pointing me in that direction.

    This looks good, but come to think of it, I also often need to be able to import image files and video dynamically as well.

    While I understand there may be a performance hit when not including assets in a compiled app, for the line of work that I do, I need the flexibility and be able to seperate the code from the content.

    Is there a roadmap for Godot ?

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