New RPG in Alpha Stages.

newmodelsnewmodels Posts: 120Member

This screen shot is all I want to share about the game. I want to keep it's name secret until later, besides I haven't decided on that yet.

The picture has 60% jpg quality, so it was distorted a little bit.


  • SeaFishelleSeaFishelle Posts: 39Member

    Cool start! What kind of RPG are you making? Do you have any docs written up yet? What kinds of assets do you have so far, outside of this dude and his lovely field of grass?

  • newmodelsnewmodels Posts: 120Member

    So far I have one monster created, but there is not yet a battle system. The character standing on the grass has a walk animation in the four different directions.

    I am still learning 2d concept artwork, and have my attention turned towards drawing. I plan on using this project as a way to practice my drawing skills.

    The battles are similar to dragon warrior, first person perspective.

    As far as the blue guy on the grass, he is a place holder. I haven't designed the main character yet, and I am unsure if this guy is going to show up in the game.

  • SeaFishelleSeaFishelle Posts: 39Member

    Oh so this is just a practice project? Neato! :3

  • newmodelsnewmodels Posts: 120Member

    It's more than a practice project. I plan on finishing this game and releasing it. The project allows me to practice my design and drawing skills.

  • keltwookiekeltwookie Posts: 213Member

    A RPG? Great ! One of my favorite type of games...

  • newmodelsnewmodels Posts: 120Member

    A status update. I am currently working on my art skills. What I am learning is manga artwork. I want to use that for the characters in the game. It might be a bit of time before I update the project with any new content.

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    Feel free to treat this thread as a micro blog. why not post some of your art skill progress here, too. used to have some really good tutorials, but apparently his blog ran into some issues at some point so while the tutorials still exist there, the index page that linked to them all is not yet linked from the blog - it took some google-fu to find the page again:

    Though looking at the URL it was pretty obvious.

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