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rubberduckrubberduck Posts: 10Member
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This is my first game made with godot
the aim is to reach the goal of a level in a given time

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  • Ace DragonAce Dragon Posts: 220Member

    Not much to look at right now, but I know it's just started as a project.

    One improvement that could be done right away is have his wheels turn when he's moving (it can be done either by way of animation or actual physical movement). The latter would require code to keep him upright, but it would be accurate,

  • newmodelsnewmodels Posts: 120Member

    If you made the wheels move based on physics, then he could do things like roll into rocks and it would look good.

  • rubberduckrubberduck Posts: 10Member

    I have already planned to make the wheels rotate.
    Other things I want to do are:

    add decoration elements
    more levels (including locked ones)
    better ui
    add obstacles
  • elkondoelkondo Posts: 13Member

    Screenshots give me a very Sonic 3D Blast vibe.

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