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An editor plugin for Godot Engine 3.x to manage code snippets in your projects. (Submitted to Asset Library)

Snippets are small pieces of code you use over and over in your game development lifecycle. This plugin allows you to copy and paste them to your current game script editor. It also allows for the addition of new snippets to the list by copying code from the script editor and pasting it as a snippet file.

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  • wetechwetech Posts: 17Member

    Snippets Editor v1.0 is now in the Godot Asset Library. I am already working on some enhancements, but am interested in hearing from users on what I can improve.


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    Just looking at the sceen-shot in OP. In case of a lot of snipets some means of searching through them might be good. Also can you have multiple snippets in one file?

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    The snippets are stored as standard text files. You should name the file as to what resides in it. You could store more than one snippet in a text file, but the copy method copies the entire file for pasting in your code. If using more than one snippet in file, you could edit the file and copy and paste from that to your code. I have not attached a database to the snippet Editor yet, but that is already on my list, so I can wrap some metadata around an individual snippet. That would allow for searching through snippets. Maybe a tagging system in the text files might work too.

    Right now I am working on an internal editor rather than going external, although external will still remain as an option.

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    Version 1.1 of Snippets Editor Plugin is now on GitHub. I've added an internal editor for editing code snippets. Right mouse click on a code snippet and choose Internal Editor. Adding the internal editor gives you a quicker way to work with code snippets. I submitted the changes to the Asset Library and they are pending.

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    This looks like a very useful asset - have you updated the asset lib version, too?

  • wetechwetech Posts: 17Member

    Yes I have...

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