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****Hello, I have a somewhat vague question about this engine. I have been researching development tools for a couple of months as I would like to get into game development for iOS/Android and perhaps PC. I've been a software developer for 20 years by trade but have very little experience developing for mobile and zero experience developing games in general. I do know multiple OO languages among others. However, I am NOT an artist. Would this GoDot software enable someone like myself to create basic 3D objects fairly easily? Is it relatively easy to import 3D objects that have already been created by somebody else and work with them? How large can a "map" be in a game such as a turn based war game? is the physics model decent? What are the minimum specs for a machine to run this fairly smoothly? Can I create a game for iOS in Windows 10 using this software or does it have to be created on a MAC for iOS? I appreciate any input you might have and sorry for so many questions... thanks.****


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    Other than the fact that godot is not a (3D) content creation suite, I'd say yes to everything else, with the additional caveat that godot imports collada(.dae) and GL Transmission Format(.gltf). As for HW requirements, GLES 3.0 for mobile devices and OpenGL 3.2 for desktop should be minimum - this applies to godot 3.0+.

    You can and should define higher minimum requirements for your project according to the complexity of your project but in that regard you are in charge of your own project.

    In regards to iOS, since I have no interest in mobile devices what so ever I can only offer whats available in documentation:

    You must export for iOS from a computer running macOS with Xcode installed.
    Download the Godot export templates. Use the Godot menu: Editor > Manage Export Templates

    And yet it seems that cross-compiling is possible, at least on linux:

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    Thank you megalomaniak!

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