What are you working on (Godot showcase)?

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The following is a type of thread that has gained traction in a few other communities related to game creation software. The idea is to post good looking shots of a project you are working on (it does not have to be finished, it does not have to include a binary, and it does not have to have a companion thread in the projects section).

I'll start, I decided to start a total overhaul of Collect the Gems from scratch in Godot 3 (it uses the same textures and assets, but will have better logic, better and faster player movement, bigger levels, and better graphics).

Show off what Godot is doing for you, post your shots of your WIP's.


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    I'm working on a platformer...3d futuristic (sci-fi) theme
    .....the player controls a jumping disk that can bouncing from the walls

    HDR tests

    Environment sky image is from hdrihaven.com - All HDRIs are licenced as CC0
    Thank you very much Greg Zaal <3

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