Particle2D doesnt work on Android?

NeoBerlinNeoBerlin Posts: 106Member

Hi alls,
i need your help please:
i built a lil project with a Particle2D in it...on notebook it works fine, but running it on Android, the Particle2D seems looking not emitting.
I use Godot 3.02 stable

can someone please test it? did i something wrong? or do you reproduce this issue?

here the project:

Thank you and a nice day


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  • NeoBerlinNeoBerlin Posts: 106Member

    Hi again,

    now i had test it on my tablet and here the Particle2D works fine...

    so i think its my mobilephone...ill still searching.

    Nice Day

  • NeoBerlinNeoBerlin Posts: 106Member

    is it impotant?:
    my tablet has OpenGl 3.0.1
    my mobilephone has OpenGL 3.0.0
    still not working on mobilephone...

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 1,086Admin
    edited April 2018

    Sorry a bit late with replying to this. Godot v.3.0 requires GLES 3.0 which should be about the equivalent of OpenGL 3.3. Are you checking your devices OpenGL version or OpenGL ES version?

  • NeoBerlinNeoBerlin Posts: 106Member

    Hi and thank you @Megalomaniak ,
    this says Godot:

    and this says my mobilephone directly:

    is it compatible or not?

    Thank you

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 1,086Admin

    OpenGL ES 3.0 should be right AFAIK. This might be a bug worth reporting to the tracker. I don't even have a functional smartphone right now so I can not test for myself.

  • NeoBerlinNeoBerlin Posts: 106Member

    thank you again for your help!

    actuially i am very busy and its hard for me to understand how the tracker works...this issue is actually not my first priority, so i will pause in this issue and take a look on it in my holidays :)
    All my free time i spend in Godot and i learned a lot of it - i am actually in 3D

    Godot is so f***** amazing!!!

    Nice evening

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 1,086Admin
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    Not all that unlike this forum, you need to have a account and while logged in you press the new issue button on this page:

    Then fill in the issue/post template there. Note that you should always search for the issue on that same page first. Remove the is:open tag to also search for closed issues.

  • NeoBerlinNeoBerlin Posts: 106Member

    i will take a look on it :)
    Thank you! @Megalomaniak

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