Simple primitive drawing program to generate levels

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Hi all

Not sure if this will be of any use to others. I just uploaded a very simple, drawing program using python and tkinter. It allows one to draw simple shapes in different colors on to a canvas and then saves the data in a simple parsable format. One can read the file under gdscript, and use the location to instance an object/scene at that location. Also they can possible use the type of primitive and color of the primitive to decide which type of object they will instance.

Not sure if it is of any use. If any suggestions for changes, feel free to post here.

Thanks and have a great day.

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  • rjoshuarjoshua Posts: 37Member

    It sounds very useful. Just I don't understand at all how can I use it with godot. I think I need Images.
    Can you make a mini-tutorial here or in your github page, please? :)

  • sxkodsxkod Posts: 4Member

    So sorry, I haven't seen your post till now. Please see a very hacky way to use that data in the uploaded - it is a godot project.


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