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Vale-gitVale-git Posts: 35Member

Hi , I read the documentation about networking still is not clear how I can use it in a multiplayer game.
Can someone make a tutorial step-by-step hot to make a simple multiplayer game. It will be enough to use godot sprite - in 2d wil be suffice - where 2 player collide each other and the collision result will be saved in any kind of db + a simple server chat.

Thank you.


  • HaplotyperHaplotyper Posts: 16Member

    In case you have not seen them yet,there are two project templates for networking:
    -Multiplayer Bomber Demo
    -Multiplayer Pong Demo

    These may help you to get started.

  • Vale-gitVale-git Posts: 35Member

    Thank you for your answer. :)

    But this is what I call "reverse engineering"... Not "tutorial"
    What I want is to understand the process rather a possible result among all of possible ones..
    Why and how are the 2 questions that a tutorial usually answer..

    Do you agree?

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