[Godot 3] Terrain with splatmap example not working on Windows?

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Hello everyone,

I've been playing around with the splatmap shader for terrains by Nuno Donato on Youtube originally for Godot 2.1:

In the comments someone posted version of the shader code for Godot 3 which works perfectly on MacOS:

shader_type spatial;
uniform float grassres = 1;
uniform float rockres = 1;
uniform float dirtres = 1;
uniform sampler2D grass;
uniform sampler2D rock;
uniform sampler2D dirt;
uniform sampler2D splatmap;

void fragment(){
float grassval = texture(splatmap, UV).g;
float rockval = texture(splatmap, UV).b;
float dirtval = texture(splatmap, UV).r;
vec3 grasstex = texture(grass, UVgrassres).rgb * grassval;
vec3 rocktex = texture(rock, UV
rockres).rgb * rockval;
vec3 dirttex = texture(dirt, UV*dirtres).rgb * dirtval;
vec3 result = grasstex+rocktex+dirttex;
ALBEDO = result;
But when I try it out on Windows 10 the terrain mesh just turns green and the shader does not seem to be working correctly.

I have attached the project maybe someone else can test it with Godot 3 on Windows 10 or Linux as well and tell me wether it is working or not: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bwlprpm4zaw56n1/terrain.zip?dl=0

Thanks and regards


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    Ok, I tested again on MacOS and it doesnt work correct anymore. It only works with the first terrain mesh that i created... now i need to find out the differences between my first terrain mesh and this one to track down the issue...

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    Answer ✓

    Yaayy! Figured it out! After comparing the OBJ-Files in a text editor I noticed that the first had vt coordinates. Solution add a UV mapping to the mesh by unwrapping it and blender will add the vt coordinates when exporting the OBJ file. Now the shader works correctly again!

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