Need some help with transform math, mainly blending transforms

I've been fiddling around with ragdolls in 2.1.3 (I know 3.0 is coming, but reasons) and I've been pretty successful at it. Mainly I attach some rigidbody setups to the character via joints (point seems best) and modify the bone's pose to emulate the rigidbody transform (You must use either the rigidbody or a child of it, using the joint transform won't have desirable effects). You can use half the rigidbody attachments if you inverse the other side of the bones.

What I'd like to do is take the current frame's animation's transform and "blend" it with the rigidbody transforms.
I'd like to start the rigidbody influence at about 10% and slowly work my way up from there.
Mainly I'll be applying the rotation, not location, but options or suggestions to do each and both are welcome.
I'm not using this for any kind of project yet, just would like to play around a bit.

Also, will the bone transforms reset during an animation, or are there any ways to clear what I've done to the bones?

Here's hoping 3.0 has controllable ragdolls, might start using it once it has a stable release.

How do I tag when they keep disappearing?


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