Better NavMesh controller

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Hi there,

This is a remake of NavMesh demo, more structure towards many characters to using navmesh.
- "Navigation" node script functionality is to get path points only.
- Objects moving contains the path movement function in their script.

Download, import the new "nav controllers" project.
(Select "NavigationMeshInstance" node and press "bake" if navmesh is not available)

Move with "ZSQD" keys and press "Space" to test Character controller moving to player position.

There are many things to improve :
- character RigidBody and collider
- acceleration, deceleration
- stopping distance


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    The file has been deleted - can you reupload?

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    @Zireael said:
    The file has been deleted - can you reupload?

    It's not great for game usage, instead i used it to showcase the issues about Godot Navmesh that no one used in a game.
    There is a download link, i don't know if it is the right demo.

    Godot 3D nav is to avoid, it returns too many nav points, no smoothing path implementation, without nav agent component and physics collision and avoidance, it's useless, Torque 3D has a lot better navigation system.
    It's better you wait for Godot to fix the issues and create a complete navigation system, with navagent components nodes, a multi threaded navigation process that calculate paths for each navagent , collisions and avoidance ( like Unity does ).

    Using GDscript to try to resolve those issues is too slow, you need new navigation multi threaded system, and navagent nodes, all native.

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